Naturalization Legal Fees

General rules to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer and assessing attorney`s fees: Now, you don`t have to wonder how much an immigration attorney costs. These legal fees can seem very expensive. But it can save you time and money in the long run. It could also mean the difference between an accepted application and a possible rejection (or worse – deportation!). So weigh your options carefully, compare the different fees and decide what is ultimately best for your future. Applying for a visa is an expensive and complicated process. Most people will point out that you need the help of a specialized lawyer. The reality is that many people who apply for visas and green cards cannot afford the high legal fees that come with it. Fortunately, there is a solution. Below are the immigration attorney fees and USCIS filing fees for SGM Law Group.

It is important to us that all potential clients know the associated immigration costs in time to begin the planning process. If you plan to visit the United States on a B visa, or if you need to renew, renew, or amend your B1 or B2 visa, you can expect the following average legal fees: There are options for low- or zero-income individuals. Many licensed lawyers will give their time to some people who can`t afford to pay. You can find these lawyers through the American Immigration Lawyers Association or the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. Another outstanding directory for finding low-cost legal services is If there are any discrepancies between the attorneys` fees listed on this website and the attorneys` fees specified in the advance agreement signed by the attorney and the client, the prepayment agreement will prevail. Our sample retention agreement is provided for your information. The amounts shown are only legal fees.

For some services, we offer a price range due to the complexity of certain cases and time differences. Again, fees may vary in some cases depending on the circumstances of that client`s situation. Below, we look at the approximate costs and fees for the different categories of green cards and visas, as well as possible solutions. Citizenship lawyers` fees can vary considerably depending on where they live, how complicated the case is, and the type of service required. A full-service citizenship lawyer who attends the interview with you will usually charge more than a citizenship lawyer who files the case and prepares you for the interview. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents are allowed to ask foreign relatives to come to the United States legally. There are two categories, namely petitions for immediate relatives and requests for family preference. The category of family members allowed to come to the United States differs if you are a U.S. citizen and only hold a green card. Here are some typical legal fees for common immigration services: Attorney`s fees: $2100 (does not include RFE responses, if applicable).

Please note that legal fees may be higher in some complex cases. In any case, you will receive a written offer before keeping our company. For a limited time, $50.00 if you mention this website and the consultation takes place at the William Jang Law Firm, PLLC`s main office. An amount equal to the initial consultation fee will be deducted from the lawyer`s fees if that firm is engaged for the same matter as the subject of the initial consultation. *Does not include the costs of filing the appeal concerned, the request for adjustment of status or the EEAS application. You can expect to pay the following average immigration attorney fees for the following work visas: Sometimes you just have an unusual situation. A foreign diplomat who adapts the status to a permanent residence or an applicant for naturalization with an alleged disruption of the uninterrupted residency requirement have more complicated cases. These circumstances are usually best handled by a lawyer and justify the cost of the immigration lawyer. In any case, we do our best to anticipate potential problems and solve them in advance.

For this reason, it is imperative that you are completely honest and transparent about the details of your case during the initial consultation. Keep in mind that withholding information can affect not only the cost of your case, but also the approach we take. We understand that not mentioning certain information (criminal, financial, etc.) may not be intentional and may become apparent later in the registration process. In these cases, if additional work or costs are necessary, we will communicate them to you, the customer. During your free case assessment, we will give you a general overview of your immigration opportunities. However, due to ethical and professional legal rules, we are NOT able to offer you specific legal advice tailored to your case. If, during the initial free consultation, it is determined that your case requires a thorough analysis and review of your documents, you may be asked to arrange paid immigration advice at our Fort Lauderdale or Miami offices. For additional fees, see the full list of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filing fees here. Below are the average immigration attorney fees you can expect. Keep in mind that these fees do not include USCIS filing fees, but only immigration attorney fees.

Applying for a visa or green card can be expensive, and the high fees can easily become a hindrance to achieving your dreams. This is especially true when you consider that you`ll likely have to pay a lawyer to help you through the process. *The immigration attorney fees presented on this page represent the expected fees for frequently requested immigration services. Please click on the appropriate link for more information on this immigration option. All of these estimates become more expensive if you have immigration crimes or offences. Of course, the immigration attorney fees listed above do not include the USCIS filing fee, which varies by form. On an hourly basis, the cost of an immigration lawyer ranges from $150 to $300. (Note that these immigration attorney fees are subject to change from the time of posting. For the most accurate pricing information, please contact our lawyers directly.) Once your lawyer has determined the scope of the work and how they can help you, you pay an additional fee for these services. You will have to pay an hourly fee or a flat fee depending on the agreement you have. There is a wide range of fees, depending on your lawyer`s experience and the market. It`s a good idea to ask around and call more than one lawyer.

In addition to attorney`s fees, in most cases, the client will have to pay filing and other fees. The attorneys` fees listed below do not include consular legal services, removal proceedings, or appeals, and do not include advocacy travel for interviews or other appointments with USCIS or consular offices or other locations outside the law firm. The fee also does not include services necessary to respond to requests for additional evidence. Note that this fee does not include the adjustment of the status application that follows. can be a good solution for people with very simple legal questions or questions. The online service is a direct portal to real immigration lawyers who can answer your question (usually via chat or phone). For example, an applicant for naturalization who wants to know if past tax problems should be a problem can get a quick answer. Similarly, a permanent resident attending a school abroad may receive advice on his or her particular circumstances.

The following average attorneys` fees apply to fiancée or spouse visas: Lawyers may use different fee structures. Some may charge by the hour, others based on a specific task (e.g. applying for naturalization). After this meeting, there may be initial consultation and service delivery. In addition, the lawyer will want to be reimbursed if expenses are incurred during the engagement. While no one wants to pay for the most expensive lawyer, finding the most profitable avocado probably isn`t a good strategy either. The following list (other lists of costs on this site) is a list of attorneys` fees currently charged by William Jang, PLLC`s law firm for most cases in each specified category. The attorney`s fees charged can vary significantly if additional problems, complications, and/or difficulties arise in a case. We expressly reserve the right to charge a different amount in a particular case and expressly reserve the right to change our fees in most cases without notice or consent. The filing fee, as well as the prior agreement signed with our firm, is due before the services are provided, and the USCIS filing fee must be filed before a USCIS petition is filed.

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