Midland Credit Management Legal Department Phone Number

When you receive a call from Midland Credit Management, you are not required to provide any information, including your Social Security number or bank account numbers. You are not obligated to take abusive or harassing calls from MCM or any other collection agency. If you have received harassing collection calls from Midland Credit Management (MCM & Midland Fundling LLC), you have rights. You can stop these abusive calls with our free legal assistance. Contact us now and get free legal help. We can put an end to these violations and unfair collection practices. Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM or Midland Funding LLC) is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group of San Diego, California. MCM Services is part of Midland Funding LLC, one of the largest purchasers of outstanding debt in the United States. The collection agency purchases accounts with outstanding balances or less than the minimum monthly amounts of 180 days. We help victims of harassment, abuse and miscollection of MCM debts.

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