2018 Bar Exam Questions and Suggested Answers Political Law

Suggested answers are suggested answers to the questions on the bar exam. The goal is to provide students with a framework for answering a bar exam question. Essay questions, in particular, may have more than one answer, depending on the understanding of the problem, the legal analysis, and the laws/rules/jurisprudence used to formulate the answer. Five foreigners came to the NAIA from Hong Kong. After collecting their checked baggage, they put all their luggage in a wheelbarrow and went to expressway 5. They were asked to place their luggage on the examiner`s table for inspection. In 2009, Agripina submitted its certificate as a candidate to Congress for the 2010 elections. Agripina`s political rivals wasted no time in initiating the submission of various actions to challenge his candidacy. They questioned his ability to run for congress. Since Agripina had to take an oath under RA No.

9225, this meant that she had to perform an act to perfect her Filipino citizenship. His confession to the media can also be justifiably admitted. The confession was made in response to questions from journalists, not the police or any other investigator. Statements made spontaneously by suspects to journalists in television interviews are considered voluntary and admissible as evidence (People v. Andan, G.R. No. 116437, 3 March 1997). Comelec regarded Alejandro`s petition as an intra-party dispute that it could resolve as an incident of its power to register political parties; it continued to maintain the expulsion. Note: The proposed answers simulate those expected by a bar examiner during a bar exam. Therefore, for the applicable law or rule in the ARAC model, only the general legal basis is given (e.g. 1987 Constitution, Civil Code, Labour Code, Courts Code, Jurisprudence, etc.).

Finally, certain provisions/citations (e.g. article, section, rule, case title, etc.) do not have to be specified during the bar exam. If you want to check the specific provisions/quotes, search on our website for the appropriate topic with the keywords mentioned in the suggested answers. With respect to the rules of procedure of Congress in its proceedings, legislative inquiries and impeachment, although these rules could generally be considered political matters when considered by a court in an appropriate case, they would still be subject to judicial review under Article VIII, paragraph 2, of the Constitution. empowering them to review and annul any act of a branch or instrument of Government which may be vitiated by a serious misuse of power equivalent to a lack or excess of competence. The examiner found brown boxes, similar in size to powdered milk cans, under the clothes in the pockets of strangers. The examiner found white crystalline substances in the boxes that were inspected and proceeded to package all the boxes by placing masking tape around them. He then handed over the boxes to the Customs Officers` Office. The officers called the names of the foreigners one by one and ordered them to sign their names on the masking tape attached to the boxes retrieved from their respective pockets. The contents of the boxes were then subjected to tests that confirmed that the substance was shabu. When Ariston arrived at the police station, he saw the mayor of the city, whom he approached and asked if they could speak privately.

The mayor drove Ariston to his office, and while talking to the mayor there, Ariston collapsed, admitting that he had raped and killed the student. The mayor then opened the door to the room to allow the public and media to witness Ariston`s confession. In the presence of the mayor, the police and the media, and in response to questions from some media representatives, Ariston sadly confessed his guilt and asked for forgiveness for his actions. In 1990, Agripina emigrated to Canada and acquired Canadian citizenship. A defendant who has been acquitted of a crime by a court martial of the competent court acting under legal authority may not subsequently be charged with the same offence in a civil court. Amoroso was charged with high treason before a military court martial. He was acquitted. The first petition was directed against Anselmo.

Years ago, Anselmo was charged and convicted of the crime of rape by a final verdict and sentenced to the main sentence of life imprisonment, which carried the secondary penalty of eternal absolute disqualification. While Anselmo was in prison, the president changed his sentence and he was released to prison. (a) The law is constitutional. Article XI, paragraph 1, of the Constitution expressly confers on the Ombudsman the power to investigate, alone or at the request of a person, any act or omission of a civil servant, employee, office or body when such an act or omission appears to be unlawful, unjust, inappropriate or ineffective. In the 2016 municipal elections, Andres ran and was elected as a member of Amaya`s PS, which represented the second district. Yes, shabu obtained during ordinary customs searches such as those conducted at the airport, which constitute a valid search without a search warrant, are admissible as evidence (Dela Cruz v. People G.R. 209387, January 11, 2016).

Two police teams oversaw the payment of a ransom in a kidnapping case. Finally, article XI, paragraph 3.8, of the Constitution provides that “[t]he Congress shall pronounce its rules on impeachment in order to effectively fulfill the purpose of this article. The first police team parked in an area near where the car was parked saw the hijackers pull the bag out of the unlocked trunk. The kidnappers then boarded their car and headed to Amorsolo Street in Makati City, where the second police team was waiting for them. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits such agreements that recognize immunity from jurisdiction or certain aspects of jurisdiction (such as custody) with respect to long-recognized matters of that immunity, such as heads of State, diplomats and members of the force contingents of a foreign State who are authorized to enter the territory of another State. On the contrary, the Constitution stipulates that the Philippines shall adopt generally accepted principles of international law within the framework of the law of the country (Article II, paragraph 2). (a) A law requiring as conditions of appointment to a court below the Supreme Court, Philippine citizenship, whether born naturally or naturalized, 35 years on the date of appointment and at least eight years as a member of the Philippine Bar Association. (a) The Constitution is silent on the requirement to vote for the abolition of a tax exemption. However, it could be assumed that the voting requirement for the grant is also the voting requirement that must be repealed; Therefore, the required vote is a majority of all members of Congress. About a year after Alejandro took office, Ang Araw Alejandro`s Interim Central Committee expelled Alejandro from the party because of his disloyalty, replacing him with Andoy, his second candidate.

Alejandro questions his exclusion before the Comelec and replaces him with Andoy. While Andres was serving his second term as a member of the SP, a law was passed dividing the four cities of Amaya into two legislative districts: Uno and Dos, which include the first district, and Tres and Cuatro, which include the second district. Determination of the constitutionality of the following legal acts: (2.5% each) The province of Amaya is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines with a single legislative district consisting of four municipalities: Uno, Dos, Tres and Cuatro.

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